Линк билдинг – изграждане на връзки

Link building. Link building is important for raising the authority of your domain. This is a practice of acquiring links from other relevant and authoritative sites to yours.

In this article, we will take a brief look at the importance of link building.

The importance of link building

Link building translated into English means “building links”. This is part of the overall process of SEO optimization of a site. The algorithms that work in search engines determine how relevant a page is by its links. When a page has internal and external links, it increases its visibility. Most importantly, the links a page has help Google, and indeed all search engines, to crawl your site and rank it in what they think is a relevant position.

Factors determining the usefulness of for its ranking

To determine the usefulness of a given link, several conditions are necessary that are essential for ranking. They are:

  • Popularity worldwide. The more popular the site, the more external links it gets.
  • Local popularity. These are local inbound links with the same or similar subject matter as your site. As an example, we can give a site for selling clothes. If you have a clothing store and a fashionable clothing blog links to it, search engines will pay more attention to it than if the links come from unrelated sites.
  • “Anchor”. The anchor is the word or phrase on which the link itself is placed. Search engines use the anchor to understand what the content of the linked page is. For example, if they search for “clothing”, like an anchor, it sends a signal to the search engines that your website is a useful resource for them. You should not overuse the same keyword because search engines may decide that this is a spamming tactic and may ignore or even block access to the site.
  • Contextual connections. They are much more valuable when embedded in the content of the page and not so valuable if placed in the bottom or sidebars of the page.
  • Link source. In link building, links from authoritative sites carry more weight than those with lower authority. This is because search engines have sorting methods and rate individual pages based on their content and reputation.

Link building strategies

Link building strategies are quite varied. For a link to be effective and work well for your website, in addition to the factors mentioned above, a few more subtleties and tricks are needed, which are available to link building companies.

The keywords that are extremely important for finding your product or service are placed directly in the content of the page, which contributes to better linkbuilding.

The best part is that you can trust us to build your links without fully understanding how linkbuilding works and enjoy the results.

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