Ivys Design” is created in 2016. 

The goal of the company is to make the ideas, the dreams and the projects to come to life with beautiful and useful visions, created with love and passion. The most important is the result to be creative, right on the spot to attract attention and to be easy recognizable.

We can offer different aspects of the design of company identity.

We can create your brand from the logo thrue your web site and to the SEO optimization, so your business to be on first positions in the search engines.   

We have experience in the area of graphic design for print, web, multimedia.

Web design with wordpress and web development, as well as in the interior design with 3D visualizations. We are using a wide range of software for raster and vector graphics, web, presentations and 3D vizualizations. More importantly, we are following the trends in the field, as well in continuous improvement in various directions, so we have what you need tho grow your business.

Our services are:

raster and vector graphics

photo processing

data & text managing


print and web design


SEO optimization 

… and many more.

Overall we make ideas to come to life, just have the courage to imagine, because the life it self is inspiration! 

Why Choose Ivys Design

Professional Designs

You will be sure, that you will receive professional design. We take our project very seriously and make them with love and passion.

Great Ideas

We will offer you great ideas for your projects, because life is inspiration and no matter what the challenge is, the ideas are coming one by one.

In time

You have a limited time, or you do have time? You will receive the final project always in time.


We are open minded and it's easy to communicate with us. You will feel special, in our friendly atmosphere.

Trust worthy

You can count on us in every step on the way for great results and valuable visions.


We can do. We have all the necessary programs and skills to complete different projects.

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